Written with the new user in mind, this User Guide provides the necessary information on how to prepare this machine as a printer, how to operate print jobs, and precautions on operating the printer functions. It is recommended to make a backup of important documents stored on the Hard Disk Drive. By default, when the message changes to [Ready to print Replace Drum U2], printing stops until you replace the old drum cartridge with a new one. Printer Environments Printer Environments This section describes the different printer environments that can be set up for this printer. Open the font cover. Other comments if any:

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DocuPrint C2428 How To, FAQ & Answers

This may differ according to the computer or system structure used. Turn the cartridge containing toner of the color indicated in the message counter-clockwise until it comes to the key-mark mark position.

If you live in a major Australian city you will usually receive your Fuji Xerox DocuPrint C Toner Cartridges within one business day after you have placed the order. If memory becomes insufficient when the port is set to [Enable], the status of the port may be automatically set to [Disable].

By default, when the message changes to [Ready to print Replace Drum U2], printing stops until you replace the old drum cartridge with a new one. Check [Status] in the displayed window. We have a wide range of delivery services available at our disposal Toll Priority, Couriers Please, Australian Air Express, Startrack Express, Australia Post and many moreyour order will be delivered as quickly as possible in your area. Page 18 To prevent fire or electric shock, follow the instructions below based on your printer configuration.


Storage And Handling Of Paper 4. Page parallel interface connector The short edge cannot be longer than the long edge even if it is still within the allowable range.

I ordered a printer and it was delivered the next day! The consumables for the docurpint are as follows: Here, we describe how to print the [Fonts List] as an example.

If the status has still not improved, set [Print Mode] to [Standard] and try to print. Obtaining Product Information Obtaining Product Information The following information is provided on our internet home page: The name set in [Paper Name] is displayed as [Custom 1] to [Custom 5].

Detailed items and print result are as follows.

Consult your network administrator for details on setting the needed item. The guides on the paper tray are not Set length and width guides to the set in the correct position. First, set and send the Secure Print job at the computer. Page low-power mode When lifting the printer, get a firm footing and bend your knees to avoid possible injuries to your back. Entering The Adjustment Value 7.

Features of the paper Paper Printer Control and precautions for use unit: Turn the toner cartridge clockwise until it comes to the key-mark -mark position, and fix it.


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The memory types that can be docu;rint may be different according to the optional products installed. Click docuprin to start printing. How secure is the payment for my order? The following are examples of items that may be illegal to copy or print in your country. Canceling Sleep Mode To save power, the printer is switched to the sleep mode power saver mode if it does not receive print data for a certain period of time.

As a result, pages printed with Draft mode turned on will be lighter than pages printed with it turned off. Loading Configuration Of Options And Paper Settings Of Trays Loading Configuration of Options and Paper Settings of Trays When the printer is used as a network printer, the printer driver can automatically load the configuration of the printer options, and the paper type and size that are specified for a tray on the control panel.

Fuji Xerox Docuprint C A3 Colour Laser Printer

The installation method varies depending on the environment you use. After completing this form, detach and send it to the address below.

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