If you want to customize Tido’s programs you will need a C compiler configured to work with AVR equipment. You can see it in the last picture. If you try soldering to any place after the diode you will fry the diode. Then the software can have calibrated values so that the user is warned of a low battery by the brightness dropping or the light flashing periodically. Create new account Request new password. Retrieved from ” http: The rest of the positive trace is under the mcu.

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Does not seem to write correctly nlite driver though.

How to Boost Current on Qlite, Nanjg 105C and similar drivers.

Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it. Of course you nnjg need a flashlight driver circuit board first.

Yesterday I broke the LED positive pad as well due to the stress given by the thick 18awg wires on it. And “i” tells it to format the files in Intel hex. Nice tip by the way as I usually add mine on the bottom side just because there is more room to work with. Do not count on them.

ATtiyny13A can also be locked down low fuse higher than 0x7F so they can’t be changed easily, but so far none seem to be. Go under the Project menu heading and select MyProject Properties. It will now generate some simple code for a blank program. Nice video, thanks for posting it. The clips are very finicky and sometimes need some repairs. As the percentage of off time increases, the light gets dimmer. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.


If the connection is not working, you will get something like. Most of these use current regulators to limit the current delivered to the LED while the Atmel chip itself turns the power on and off very quickly, leaving it on for full power, or flashing on and off quickly to simulate a lower mode. My current and or nanjh measurements are only relevent to anything that I measure.

AMC7135*8 1-Mode Circuit Board (Nanjg 105C) 3.04A

Skip to main content. This file has code for all 3 standard configurations in one file.

The upper pin of the diode the little black thing to 105f right of the MCU. It might affect the low voltage stepdown, there is a small voltage drop thru the diode, it will askew the readings thru the resistor bridge to the MCU.

And other are available with various output levels and mode combinations as well as different number of AMCs or mA versions that limit maximum output current.

I’ve used the cheap eBay USBasp pictured above a Fischl clone and latest driver from libusb-win32 project.

Nanjg c/Qlite driver question |

When you turn the light off, it will come back on in the last mode, but if the light was on for less than 2 seconds, it will come back on in the next mode. Is there another contact point I can solder a positive LED lead to? Actually it is not clear if getting original settings will do any good at all, so if you need a backup, try NLITE, mentioned in the next section.


If the diode is fried does it affect the modes and normal operation of the driver at all other than losing the reverse polarity protection? If you want a smaller code, use optimization for size for your compiler configuration.

AVR Drivers – Flashlight Wiki

If you want to check it otherwise, use avr-size as shown below. In case you need to fit a chip under a retaining ring: Often the mode will be remembered after the light is off for a couple of seconds if it was too short an interval you couldn’t change modes by half-pressing the tail clicky to off briefly.

Therefore if there are stars on the back that you have connected to get different mode 1105c, that will be ignored the stars are connected to legs of the Atmel chip that won’t be used. Atmel Studio – Atmel Studio newer AVR studio, it’s been renamed is available free from Atmel to allow you to write and compile programs and load them. But what if he eats the whole bag? Line of the code declares a variable type within a “for” loop which is not allowed in the type of C that Visual AVR supports needs support for C Highly admired and cherished member of Budget Light Forum.